DVD of the Week: Megamind

Baby Megamind

This week I am returning to a newly released DVD… Megamind.  I believe this marks a Mr. Blahg first… a DVD of the Week that I’ve previously reviewed on it’s initial run.   Not that that has any bearing on the film in any way shape or form… and if you are an adult with no children, or an adult who would never deign to watch such drivel, this may do nothing for you… but if you are not…

I am quite certain if I didn’t have children I wouldn’t have blinked twice at Megamind… and honestly, I would have been worse off for not having seen it.  Starring the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, David Cross and Jonah Hill, Megamind is a great deal of fun.  I got a complete kick out of seeing it with the kids when it came out in 3D and am looking forward to watching it with them tonight. 

If you want a run down of the plot, feel free to click on the above link to get to my original review… re-reading that review helped me to recall the fact that only one of my two girls saw this, so I now get the wonderful benefit of sharing a new movie with my youngest.  Score!  What it also reminded me of is how much I did enjoy this bit of animated antisuperheroism.

Remarkably clever and at no point pandering… if you have kids or are simply a fan of animated films, don’t allow the big name cast to deter you (I have a beef with animated movies that rely on big name actors who can’t do voice work well simply to tack those names onto the poster… voice actors excel in that craft and I’m always happier not knowing who the voice actors are).  Will Ferrell is fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised that Brad Pitt didn’t outright suck.

So head out this evening and pick up a copy of Megamind.  Buy it, rent it or stream it… just see this movie.

Man of the Metro,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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