A Mr. Blahg Public Service Announcement: Support your local artists

Jazz Divas by Romanowski

After name dropping Romanowski in my last post about Exit Through the Gift Shop, I realized I wanted to make a pitch to all of you out there in the inter-tubes… support your local artists. 

Look around you… chances are you surrounded by art.  The people who make these works rarely make a lot of money doing what they love… and one of the only ways they can continue doing what it is that they do is to be paid.  They may make art as a necessity, but we enjoy their labor.

Romanowski art

The above pieces are by Romanowski.  Fortunately, living in San Francisco, art can be found around every corner.  Not only on walls but in galleries, stores, garage sales and parks.  Romanowski for instance has yard sales all the time where you can pick up something for a few bucks or a few thousand. 

A gallery that has shown a number of Romanowski’s work is Fabric8, located in San Francisco’s Mission district.  Here you will find many other local artists with reasonable prices for prints and original pieces.

Brian Barneclo

Another fantastic local artist is Brian Barneclo (art above).  His works have been floating around SF for years and I’ve always been an admirer.  Below is a mural created with many artists (RSKI and Barneclo included).


What I’m getting at is this… keep local arts alive… and often that means not just looking, but buying as well.  I’m fortunate to live in an area where creative individuals gather.  Where will the next great art come from?  Who knows… but wouldn’t you like to be in on it on the ground floor?  Look around… it may be closer than you realize.

DeMedici I am not,
Cornelius J. Blahg

PS: If anyone is interested in any art by Romanowski, I would be happy to get you in touch with him… just email me at mrblahg@mrblahg.com and I will be happy to help you get some quality pieces. Hopefully he won’t mind me promoting him a bit…

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