In Praise Of: Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Hernandez and Giffords

Last night during the memorial service for those killed and wounded in the Tucson, AZ massacre last Saturday, many gave speeches, blessings and even good news regarding Rep. Giffords improving conditions… yet one man stood out…. Daniel Hernandez Jr. 

An intern for Rep. Giffords, Mr. Hernandez is the man who ran towards the sound of gunfire and is largely credited with saving Rep. Giffords’ life.  He selflessly administered first aid by applying pressure to the gunshot wound on her forehead without realizing there was an exit wound.  If it were not for this act of bravery and heroism, Rep. Giffords would probably have perished along with the six others that day.

But that act alone is not why I offer praise… I also offer this because of his insistence that he is not a hero.  His insistence on shining the spotlight on others.  His amazing tact and selfless behavior in the face of tragedy.  Mr. Hernandez, I stand among many, if not most, Americans in saying thank you.  You are what we should all aspire to be… you are a hero, whether you like the title or not.

Thank you,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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