The best celebrity interview ever… The A.V. Club interview with Udo Kier

Udo Kier

You may be asking yourself… “who in the hell is Udo Kier?”  Valid question… I asked the same thing and was ready to pass up this interview on The A.V. Club.  Fortunately a co-worker and fellow pop culture fiend told me I needed to read it… and I am very very glad that I did.  He is a German actor who has appeared in films by Warhol, Fassbinder, Argento and von Trier among others… he has been in some of the weirdest fucking films ever… and a handful of commercial crap as well (Armageddon?).  The interview blew me away… read it here.

They also posted an MP3 file of Herr Kier saying the best line in the interview… listen to that here.

Also, since you are there… look around The A.V. Club, by far my favorite website (after Mr. Blahg obviously).

Feel free to thank me later,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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