A Mr. Blahg Public Service Announcement: Backup your data

Mr. Blahg

Hello… and welcome to another Mr. Blahg Public Service Announcement… today’s topic is the always sexy… never dull… and painfully exciting topic of protecting your data.  Specifically, backing up your data.  I know… it’s hard to contain the excitement you are feeling right now… but for a few minutes, try.

Why am I making this point?  Well, like many of you, I never thought I had to back up anything.  A few years back I had to buy an external hard drive because my older iMac simply ran out of room for my music collection… so I put the tunes on an external.  Fast forward a bit to a newer iMac, larger hard drive… no need for the external.  But hey… it was a nice LaCie hard drive, why not use it for backups… just in case.  Rarely do I ever do something smart ahead of time… but this time I was golden.  I knew then as I know now… we are so dependent on our computers… all (or most) of our photos are now digital… all (or most) of our music is now digital.  What happens when that hard drive crashes?

For me, my digital photos begin on the night my first daughter was born.  Almost every photograph of my kids and my life are on that computer.  All of my music… either from downloads or transferred from now defunct CDs are all on that computer.  And about a year ago, the unthinkable happened… hard drive failure.  Unlike most PCs and Power Macs, the iMac is not easy to take apart and swap components… so down to the Mac shop I went and had a new drive installed.  Fortunately, I had my backups and lost nothing.

In July… my backups became larger than the older external and I had stopped backing up my data.  I had been nervous ever since.  My parents, being the awesome parents they are, got me a new LaCie for Christmas… and now I’m current again.  It’s a relief knowing there is something to protect everything I consider important digitally.  The older hard drive is now in a fire proof safe and the new one is chugging away.  In the event of a fire, it is that new hard drive I will grab after my wife and kids are safe… and that’s a hell of a lot easier to carry than years of albums or the computer itself.

So spend the money and the few hours to do a proper backup.  You never know what can happen.

Thanks for reading,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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