RIP: Gerry Rafferty (1947-2011)

Stuck in the Middle with You

If you were alive at any point in the 1970’s, then you are familiar with Gerry Rafferty.  If you have seen Resevoir Dogs, then you are familiar with Gerry Rafferty.  He may not be a household name these days… but his music is unmistakable… unless you consider how often it is that his biggest hit is attributed to Bob Dylan.  Today, the Scottish singer/songwriter passed away after a longtime battle with alcoholism and kidney failure.

Best known for Baker Street, Right Down the Line and with Stealers Wheels, Stuck in the Middle With You… honestly, I know very little about the man and about the majority of his music… but these three songs in particular happen to color each and every memory I have growing up in that polyester Valhalla known as the 70’s.  I have heard that the saxophone solo from Baker Street is responsible for massive upticks in sax sales and that the solo itself has a Facebook page… not to mention being featured in The Simpsons (then again… what hasn’t?).

Why don’t we enjoy a few songs…

RIP Mr. Rafferty,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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