Perspectives of grey: A few second thoughts…

In my last post I didn’t quite get across what I was originally trying to convey…. like so many of these ramblings, things got off track and I didn’t touch on a whole host of things I wanted to discuss.  Over the past few weeks, the conversation I originally wrote about was simply one of many… and in the many other conversations and soap box lectures, my positions were far more finessed and eloquent… but as I was griping about previously, my posts on this topic tend to go off on too many tangents and lack focus and clarity… I am extremely aware of that.

As a possible solution, I’ve decided I like the title, Perspectives of grey… and may continue to use that title as a way of making some posts on more specific topics.  I’m thinking along the lines of:  Education, Science vs. Religion, Corporations, Gay rights, Regulations, Gun Control, informed electorate, etc.  I’m sure you get the idea.  Perhaps with a more focused subject, I can find a way to be more concise.So from now on… look for this under a new category of “Perspectives of Grey”… and with any luck, perhaps I can entice some of you readers to post some comments.

The only other reason I’ve been a bit hesitant to post too many political rants is that Mr. Blahg has gone strangely international!  This blog is now being read with some regularity in the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, China, Russia, Poland, Finland and Canada.  I assume the majority of these are coming in thanks to my concert reviews and/or movie reviews… either way, I certainly don’t wish to limit myself too much… and frankly, there are so many political blogs out there the idea of being yet another wanker with an opinion is a bit annoying to me… yet… that’s exactly what I am.  Perhaps I need to embrace the nature of what I’m doing a bit more.

And allow me to thank everyone who is coming to Mr. Blahg and giving me a read, I greatly appreciate it!  I’m having a great deal of fun doing this and am tickled pink to see the sites stats consistently moving in an upward direction.  Without people reading this, I don’t imagine I would want to keep doing this… but I’m loving it and am so appreciative I feel I may burst at times.  So… enough squishy emotion….

A hearty thanks from,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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