A Mr. Blahg Public Service Announcement: Vote, dammit!

uh huh... not dumberly...

This coming Tuesday is Election Day here in the U. S. of A… and this is a day that I, Mr. Blahg, take very seriously.  For as much as I get annoyed and wrapped up in the politics of it all, I always remember the importance our votes make.  Nothing infuriates me more than hearing people give excuses for why they don’t vote.

“My vote doesn’t count…”
“They are all liars anyway…”
“My guy/gal won’t win anyway…”
“I don’t know the issues…”

These excuses are simply inexcusable.  Come on people… it is important.  There is a reason why so many people the world over will fight and die for the right to elect their leaders… and we take it for granted.  We… not the system… abuse our right to elect who will fuck us over for the next 2-6 years.  Yes there are problems with many people in elected office… but there are problems with people in all walks of life.  Their’s just happen to affect our lives a bit more than the electrician with the crystal meth habit (unless it’s your house he’s wiring… then I’d say, RUN!!).

What I’m getting at is easy to understand.  Inform yourself of the issues and the candidates.  Inform yourself of the political parties and what they stand for and get a real idea of what their record is… not just campaign rhetoric.  They will all say piles of crap to get elected, but some piles smell a hell of a lot worse than others.  Think.  Don’t get too wrapped up in the daily news cycle and the scandal du jour… but follow what’s happening… because it does matter.  Our votes do count.  And for as much as it may not feel like it some times… we really can, and do make a difference.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), my political comments here on Mr. Blahg have been few and far between.  Part of the reason for that is simply feeling exhausted with some of the ridiculous happenings going on.  I mean, I couldn’t write something about all of the far out there stories if I tried.  I’ve wanted to… but then feel like the next news cycle happens and some other new off the wall candidate is saying something even more loony.  I’m sure some of these bat shit crazy wack jobs will be out of the picture after Tuesday… but I’m sure some of them will be sticking around.  There are 138 so called Tea Party members on the ballot this year… all running as Republicans.  Odds are in their favor to win a good number of those.  I’m terrified of the implications.  These are people who reject reason.  They reject science.  They wish to force their particular flavor of dogma into us then have the temerity to say people are taking away their freedom.  I hear proclamations of love for the Constitution… then I hear about all the parts they want to either change or eradicate.  I hear about doing away with entitlements and social programs so we can give rich people more breaks.  Hell… I just found out Bank of America, Citibank and a host of other major US corporations paid 0% in federal taxes last year.  0%.  $0.00!  How is that right?  And why are people saying we need better corporate tax breaks?  How much better of a break than zero is there?  Sigh… it’s maddening.  I haven’t even mentioned the rogue’s gallery of kooks running…

This wasn’t meant to become a rant… but that’s how it goes sometimes.  My main point stands… Get informed.  Get Involved.  Get to a polling place and cast your vote.  I truly don’t care who or what you vote for (although that’s not to say I wouldn’t prefer you all vote as I vote… but that’s silly), just vote.  Don’t take something so many would die for lightly.

Cornelius J. Blahg

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