In Praise Of: Chile

They don't look like minors...

At time when we here in the good ole U S of A can’t seem to accomplish anything smoothly (ahem… BP oil spill anyone) and are occupied with stupid back biting and metaphorical eye gouging (cough cough… midterm elections… cough cough)… Chile has managed to not only keep 33 miners alive for 69 days, but to then rescue each and every one of those awesome individuals in a flawless and joyful manner… and less than a year after a devastating earthquake!!  I love a happy ending!

So today’s “In Praise Of” is absolutely dedicated to the brave men who were trapped half a mile underground and to the dedication and strength of resolve of the people who rescued them. 

Hoping if I am ever trapped underground it’s in Chile,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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