DVD of the Week: Get Him to the Greek

OK… I know what you’re thinking… “Ugh… I hate Russell Brand!”… but allow me to make my case.

He is funny. Crass, juvenile, idiotic at times, shockingly intelligent at others… but funny as all hell. I recall the first time I saw him, my initial thought was, “what a douche… I hate his hair”… which quite frankly is such a stupid barometer it makes me the bigger douche. Then I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the Jason Segel movie where Brand’s character Aldous Snow first appears… and I found myself in stitches. Mrs. Blahg then decided to read his book, My Booky Wook, which again, had me in stitches… and is a very important lesson on how far a person can get in life on charm and balls alone.

But this is not a review of Russell Brand, it’s a review and recommendation of his latest film, Get Him to the Greek. The basic plot of this movie is Aldous Snow, lead singer and hedonist extraordinaire of the band Infant Sorrow has made a record so bad, African Child (trapped in me), that his career and personal life have tanked. After three years of exile in a drunken drugged out state, a young record exec named Aaron (Jonah Hill) has the great idea to hold a 10 year anniversary concert for Infant Sorrow at the Greek in LA. The problem is how to rein in this mess of a human being and get him from London to New York to perform at the Today Show and then onto Los Angeles to perform at the Greek. That’s it… the plot in a nutshell… but as all good comedies prove… there is always more than that.

The cast is superb with some great performances and some surprising cameos. Who knew Sean Combs could actually act? And have a sense of humor? I had no clue… but he is masterful at playing the ruthless head of the record company Aaron, and Aldous to a certain degree, work for. Elizabeth Moss shows up as Aaron’s intern doctor girlfriend Daphne… and Aaron himself, Jonah Hill, is the perfect foil for Brand’s over the top mania personified character. Although Jonah Hill was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he plays a different character. Colm Meaney shows up as Aldous’ father… and let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with Colm Meaney. As for cameos, we get Lars Ulrich in a fantastic role, Tom Felton of Potter fame, Mario Lopez, Pink… and a few other entertaining little bits.

Humor aside, this movie has… yes… a heart. There is a message or two neatly tucked away between the folds of sex, drugs, more sex, lots more drugs, some great rock and roll and more drugs… did I mention the drugs? If you are a “Just Say No” sort of person… may I direct you to Infant Sorrow’s song, Just Say Yes. This may not be the movie for you. And the soundtrack!!! Holy crap how could I forget the soundtrack… it’s good!! I mean… really good! Yes it’s funny… the lyrics are all super sexed up… but he enlisted some real musicians to help him make the album, and the biggest surprise is that Mr. Brand can sing. In his book he states he can’t… he lied. Highlights of the album would be The Clap, Furry Walls and Going Up… remarkably good music that takes the piss out of other more serious artists.

No need to go on any further… enjoy the trailer, and by all means… have yourself a stupid laugh and see this movie. Rent it, buy it or download it… just see it.

When the world hands you a Geoffery, pet the furry walls,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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