The sham(e) of John McCain

John McCain… Senator from Arizona… Vietnam war veteran and hero… the Maverick of the US Senate… the man who would cross the aisle to get the job done… where in hell did he go?? 

I once had a certain amount of respect for the man… yet in the last three years he has done nothing but slowly erode any and all respect many of us on the left may have had for him.  Beginning with his presidential run and his selection of Sarah Palin for VP, he had slid down his own scary and ridiculous slippery slope.  First Palin, then going ultra right in his primary race against JD Hayworth… the Tea Party favorite, contradicting a whole host of positions that he held for decades and now the greatest shame of all… filibustering the armed forces appropriation bill because he is a homophobic fear pandering ass monkey!!  When you get called out by Lady Gaga in as reasoned a way as she did, you should hang your head about as low as it can go.

Back in 1993 or 94 he said very clearly that he would listen to the generals on the ground in the military with regards to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Now the generals are in favor of repeal, and his about face couldn’t not be more stark.  He is a hypocrite.

When confronted the other day by reporters asking him about DADT and how at least one serviceman was kicked out because the military went through his personal emails, McCain simply denied that that was policy and continued to repeat that statement while also saying he didn’t care what they said because he knows the military so well.  That serviceman will be happy to meet with the Senator to correct him on this fallacy.

He now claims he never called himself a maverick.  That’s the problem with writing a book calling yourself a maverick… people still can read the cover.  Oops.

He used to be against the border fence… now he wants it built.

Doesn’t have the balls to call out Palin for the idiot she is… enough said about that.

I would really like to believe this current behavior is simply a way to curry favor in his now polarized and fractured party … that perhaps this act is just that… an act.  But the I realize, perhaps the more flexible and reasonable side of Senator McCain that found a great deal of goodwill on both side of the aisle was the act.  Maybe that was the sham and now we are left with nothing but the shame.  Pity…

I ask… I tell…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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