In Praise Of: Lost

Hello, and welcome to my first “In Praise Of” segment.  For clarity’s sake, I am referring to the now completed ABC series Lost… not the actual act of being lost… that is no fun and I offer that feeling no praise whatsoever…  So why Lost?  Today happens to be the 6th. anniversary of the premeire episode… and with that begins the Lost rewatch. 

I was a fan of the show from day one… although I almost bailed midway through season 3 due to some very sketchy meanderings of the plot… I was brought back from the brink due to the producers coming out and saying, “yes, we’ve heard your, the fans, complaints and we now have an end date and a plan.”  That was all I needed… I was 100% onboard.  Lost fans seem to come in a number of different flavors… either you are really into all the minute details, or you are a casual viewer interested in the characters and not so much the mythology, you are completely about the mythology and feel cheated when your pet theory is either debunked or unanswered, or like me… you are along for the ride and get a real kick out of the mythology, character, minutia, etc.

So what do I mean by the rewatch?  Thanks to a great podcast I started listening to during the 4th season… The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack… they have decided once the final DVD collection came out (Aug. 24th btw) they would begin watching 2 episodes a week until the series is completed with the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the plot in its entirety, seeing what bits were simply filler, and which pieces of the story may have been overlooked the first time through… 20/20 hindsight and all.  Tonight my older daughter and I will begin our rewatch journey and celebrate with an airing of the plot (counts as two episodes).  She got onboard with Lost around season 5… she will be 8 tomorrow… so it is reasonable to realize she was a bit too young to get into the show before.  Now she will get her own plot holes filled in… I can’t wait!

So why praise a now defunct show?  For me, it was pure entertainment (excluding the episode with Bai Ling).  A simply joy of a show at a time when my TV viewing was decreasing year by year.  Part of the decrease was my children getting older and loving their cartoons and movies.  Because I’m a movie buff, my kids are as well.  Another reason is simple lack of time and/or interest in most new shows.  I enjoyed Heroes season 1… then that fell apart.  So other than Lost…. I watch no more TV.  Again… not for any philosophical reasons… and I’m sure there are great shows out there… especially on cable now (ie. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Modern Family…)… but without the time or motivation… I’m happy to revisit a show that brought me tons of joy…. and listening to the twice weekly podcasts with Jay and Jack were simply icing on the cake.  Great recaps, theories, listener feedback… and two very entertaining guys… a father/son duo in North Carolina.  With their help, watching Lost became a far more interesting experience and I would highly recommend a listen.

Great acting, production value, story lines and location (always great to see my former home) combine to make Lost one of the greatest shows in the history of TV… and for that I offer praise!

Feeling like I have to go back..
Cornelius J. Blahg

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