DVD of the Week: Let the Right One In

This weeks DVD pick is the 2008 Swedish horror film, Let the Right One In.  Yes, this is another vampire movie… however… there are no sparkling vampires, no werewolves and frankly, it’s not even a horror film…. it’s a love story.  Granted, it’s a love story between two 12 year olds with a host off issues, not least of which being that one of them is a vampire… but a love story nonetheless.

The movie opens with the young Oskar… he is bullied, tormented, and has fantasies of killing his schoolyard torturers.  He is curious at the arrival of a young woman and an old man to his apartment complex… she comes out at night wearing the flimsiest of clothes in the dead of winter, she smells horrible and looks as if she hasn’t bathed in ages.  She’s awkward… he’s awkward… she makes it clear she can’t be his friend… he makes it clear he wouldn’t want her as a friend.  Naturally, the two outcasts find comfort in one another.

Eli is the young girl in question.  By all outward appearance she is 12 years old.  By all appearances the old man she is with is her father.  Obviously, things are not quite what they seem.  The young woman who plays Eli is simply captivating.  She is darker in skin tone, hair and eyes than most others in the cast creating a somewhat jarring image (this is Sweden in 1982 btw).  For the movie her voice had to be dubbed because her natural voice was deemed too feminine for the role… and I guarantee, you will be captivated by her.

Bottom line… this movie is creepy with a capital C… therefore it is officially Creepy.  It is dark, moody, atmospheric and oh so Scandinavian.  I didn’t originally realize it took place in 1982 and was a bit confused as to Oskar’s amusement with a Rubik’s Cube… I just thought it was funky Swedish styles.  This movie creeped into my mind and left me thinking about it for days after.  And the final scene (penultimate scene really) is both gorgeous and horrific at the same time. 

Watch the trailer and get a feel for this fantastic film…. (for whatever reason all YouTube videos seem to be cut off on the right side… I’m trying to work this out.  I could just put a link to the trailer, but having it embedded just seems cool… and I can’t get the traileraddict.com or imdb.com trailers working today… probably because I’m on a Windows machine… the shame)

Another reason for this pick is the impending release of the American version of this film titled Let Me In. When I first heard they were making a remake I groaned… then when I found out the cast… Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) and Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under)… I felt a bit better. After seeing the trailer I am less concerned, and will certainly be seeing this October 1st.

Now.. one final note about the DVD.  When you begin watching this, go to the audio settings for the disc and change it to Swedish language with English subtitles.  I haven’t even heard it in English and would hate to.  So go out and rent it, buy it, download it… either way… watch it!

Hoping you will enjoy the film,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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