Hey… long time no see…

Hello my faithful handful of readers… my most sincere apologies for the absence this week (as though it had any effect on your lives whatsoever…).  I have found myself somewhat overwhelmed lately with problems and frustrations both real and imaginary… occasionally I keep thinking of Lloyd Bridges in Airplane!, “I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue.”  Allow me to explain…

The week I started the blog my daughters began school… the youngest in Kindergarten, oldest in 3rd.  The subsequent weeks have seen the lovely Mrs. Blahg working her little fingers to the bone (figuratively of course) at work for 12-16 hour days.  There have been root canals, homework, back to school nights, dinners, laundry, bedtimes, some great books, a few movies, a carpet cleaning and of course the regular 9 to 5… things have been a little hectic… totally manageable, and often times downright fun… yet hectic.  At this point, a reasonable person may be thinking, “why in the hell would this guy bother with a blog and then complain about being too busy for it?”.

I’m not complaining in the slightest… I’ve been very much enjoying finding some time to write a few things down… to drive to and fro thinking of other subjects and different ideas… for instance, I would hate to think of this blog as yet another sink of constant griping and soap boxing, so I want to start a feature called “In Praise Of”.  This feature will be nothing more than an ode to something good.  I have a couple of movie reviews and DVDs of the week in the works, another political rant that may never see the light of day and, best of all, a nice personal post.

As this blog progresses I’m expecting to change a number of things… but I’m currently wading in… finding out the hows, the whats and the whens of writing.  Figuring out under which conditions I’m best able to put some ideas together enough for something coherent to come out of them… finding my voice more of less… getting in the groove if you will.  It will come.  I realize my grammar can be a bit dodgy at times… this is purposeful.  My favorite posts are usually the ones I fire off in one go… the posts I forget to bother to spell check or reread… when I go to correct it later I end up having to also reformat it a bit… so I weigh whether or not to edit.  Sometimes yes… sometimes I wait until I’ve found three mistakes!  What I’m getting at is that I realize it’s quite an imperfect little beastie… perhaps I can get some feedback… I’d love to hear what some of you think.

That said… I do feel the need for a couple of brief ranting points of the last week or two…

Pastor NumbNuts who wants to burn Korans:  More than enough attention has been paid to this Yosemite Sam looking dickhead… the idea of writing anything about him seemed gross at the time.  Now it’s just a bore.

Anniversary of 9/11:  I tend to get very perturbed by the politicizing of 9/11.  It was a horrible thing… and 9 years later we still don’t seem to get the real lessons we should have learned.  We’ve become hateful, we’ve gone to war(s) killing hundreds of thousands on all sides, spent ungodly sums of money for some rather odd responses while ignoring glaring omissions (ports, nuke facilities, etc.) and most sad of all in my eyes… we have allowed 19 rotten assholes who corrupted the very religion they claimed to speak for to alter our ways of life so egregiously we now no enemy other than ourselves.  Instead of taking advantage of the united feeling we had at the time… the first in my lifetime… we squandered it.  We allowed some of the worst and petty aspects of ourselves and our nature to take control of our better graces.  That is the tragedy of 9/11…

Fred Phelps and his congregation:  These are the cowards who protest at military funerals saying the their deaths are caused by God’s unhappiness with our allowance of gays in society.  They were whining about Pastor DickWeedFireBoy (see above)… they were upset he’s getting so much attention because they burned a Koran two years ago and no one paid attention.  Wow.. you must be so proud.  Quoting Thomas Frank:  “What’s wrong with Kansas?”

Hitler comparisons:  Comparing the President, or anyone alive today,  with Hitler is basically giving people the right to ignore any and everything you say next.  Today on the the way home from work I got behind a truck with a bumper sticker showing the Obama campaign symbol peeling away with a Nazi flag underneath.  For some reason I was incensed.  It doesn’t matter does it?  That some people are so ignorant that they have no sense of history or reality.  Does it?  It’s ridiculous.

Carl Paladino:  Just won the Repub. primary in New York for governor.  This guy is bat shit crazy.  Sending out emails with pictures of African dancers… as Obama’s inauguration dancers.  Bestiality pics?  There is something strange going on with this one.

Joaquin Phoenix:  I’m glad he’s not actually nuts.  Interesting way to get attention… mental jury is still out on this.

Christine O’Donnell:  
Christine O'Donnell
Now this lady I am enjoying.  This is Delaware’s current Repub. nominee for Senate.  She truly puts the nut in wing-nut… some of her more entertaining thoughts:

– The government has created human-mouse hybrids.  The body of a mouse with a fully functioning human brain.

– There is more scientific evidence for creationism than evolution.

– Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster. (I know… that old canard?)< – Condom use spreads HIV.

I saved the best and most popular for last….

– Masturbation is equivalent to adultery!  I look above at her picture and two words come to mind…. Bukkake party!!

Machete:  See it….

So that about does it for this post… I was hoping this was going to be one of those fire it off quickly posts, and for the most part it is… alas, it was interrupted at one point by my 5 year old spawn getting a massive quantity of perfume in her eyes.  That was fun!  Thanks again to everyone who has been reading this wee bit of drivel… and I truly hope you will come along with me as we have a little fun…

Gleefully yours, 
Cornelius J. Blahg

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