Why guns?

Why do some people, especially my fellow Americans, have some sort of fetishized obsession with guns?  What is it about these machines that gets people so impassioned and worked up? 

I understand the desire, and occasional need, to hunt… but let’s be realistic, I don’t imagine most people use their guns for hunting.  I often hear “home protection” as another reason… but I’ve never met a single person who has ever been involved in a home invasion or have ever had to wield their weapon to protect themselves.  And assault rifles?  Really??  These are designed for one thing and one thing only…. killing as many human beings as possible as quickly as possible.  Why is this encouraged?  And by whom?

Yes, yes… I know… the second amendment gives you the “right to bear arms”… but it also mentions a well regulated militia.  It was also written at a time when it took ~3 minutes to load a single shot… not multiple rounds per second.  Also, the population of the US in 1776 was ~2.5 million people… about a quarter of the greater LA area.  Yes the founding fathers were far thinking… but I don’t imagine they would have approved of someone using AK-47s to protect their homes or hunt deer in our current incarnation…. I just don’t see it.

So why guns?  I’ve had two pointed at me in my life.  One by an old playmate who wanted to show me his dad’s gun… thought it was funny to chase me around his house with it.  No.. it was not funny.  It was terrifying!  The second time was some gang banger who asked me my name… I didn’t tell him… he stuck it in my face!  I told him my name immediately thereafter!!  That fucking sucked!!!  So I have no love of guns.  I grew up in a house with guns… my father was a cop, I learned respect… I had a shotgun myself… had to take the classes, get my hunting license… I get it…. I just don’t understand the obsession.

It’s not your freedom… it’s your gun.  It’s not a penis… it’s a gun.  It’s not protecting you… it’s a gun.

Unlocking and unloading…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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