Music Review – Cee Lo Green – Fuck you

Although the title of this song is causing a certain amount of attention… greater attention gets paid once you actually hear this amazing tune!

I, like many people, figured this was another “let’s push the envelope” gimmick. A cheap attention grabber by titling the song, Fuck you. Shockingly, this song turns out to be ridiculously catchy, and in my opinion extremely clever. Although this is about a broken heart caused by a gold digger and the asshole she left him for, I have never heard a move peppy, upbeat and happy groove. The first time I heard it I was shocked to find myself dancing and swaying a bit…. especially seeing how a) I don’t dance, and b) I was working at the time.

Co-opting that early 60’s Motown sound, complete with oo-oo-ooing backup singers and a wailing breakdown of a cry at the end of the bridge… this song manages to mash up that older style with a completely modern twist, and it never once feels like a gimmick. Granted, Berry Gordy would have never approved of such vulgar language… but Mr. Gordy didn’t have to deal with iTunes, YouTube and viral marketing… which this song used to it’s most awesome potential.

One question I’ve heard from people is simply, who is Cee Lo Green. I only know him as the non-Danger Mouse half of Gnarles Barkley.. and I was frankly not a big fan of that album. But enough about what I think of this song… listen to it yourself….

Rockin’ out with my iPhone out…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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