What gay marriage means for you….

What does gay marriage mean for you?  If you are a person who is gay or a lesbian, it means a great, great deal.  If you are not?  It means abso-fucking-lutely nothing!!

This blog was started in part because of a great debate on Facebook I ended up in with regards to the Prop 8 decision here in California.  It was an incredible discussion… and because I do not like having such heated debates on Facebook (I really don’t wish to ostracize or piss off people who are either old family friends or simply old friends) I thought it would be prudent to start this… a place to have such hot topic debates.

As for gay marriage and Prop 8…. I’m sure there will be more to come.  And if you wish to come thumping a bible at me, you better be well prepared to talk about the other crapola in Leviticus as well…. because that’s the nail you’ve decided to hang your hateful coat on…. and it’s a weak, weak nail.  Just come prepared, it’s all I ask.

Reading up on how to deal with my slaves in Leviticus,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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  1. So true… I just can’t tolerate the “arguments” against gay mariage… because they’re lame. I’m teaching Ethics @ Cerritos College this semester. We’re going to get into this debate in 2 weeks. I actually dread going over it because there’s always a few students who “argue” against it. They rarely change their mind. They bring up such “attendant evils” as AIDS, but suddenly change the subject when I show that lesbians are the lowest risk group (and heteros ain’t doin’ so hot in this area, either). They also seem to mentally block out the inconsistencies of picking and choosing only some verses in Leviticus (They all eat shrimp and have no qualms about braided hair or gold jewelry); of course, this is assuming that Leviticus has actual moral authority–it clearly doesn’t. Furthermore, they have, on many occasions, tried to argue that sodomy only refers to same sex “misuse” of genetalia (only heteros can suck and butt-f*ck under the aproving eyes of Jesus!). Why? Obviously they’ve done it and it can’t be wrong. After dealing with these students for years, it’s apparent to me they’re just biggots. It really is as simple as that.

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