Parental Merit Badges

Some days as a parent are harder than others.  Today was one of the harder ones.

I would love to walk around with a boy scout-like sash with parental merit badges on it.  Something like “Scraped knee soothing”, “Bee sting encounter” or “Public tantrum survivor”.Today I would have earned the “Having to sit in the dentist’s waiting room hearing your 5 year old screaming and crying while getting a root canal on two molars at once” badge.  It takes a hardened heart to hear that and know it’s for the best.  It takes an even harder heart to try to link that pain with sugar so she gets it.

I also got to meet the new principal of my girls’ elementary school when my older daughter tripped getting out of my car in the morning and face planted into the sidewalk.   Scraped hand and knee and a lot of wailing and “I want to go home”s (this girl adores school, not an issue of that).  Very cool principal… took her to the nurse.  So perhaps I get the “Monster when necessary” badge… she had to go to school, and the other needed a double root canal… and I had to smile through all of it and be positive and reassuring…

… when all I really wanted to do was cry.  I want my badges.

Yours forlornly,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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